On this page you can find information relating to transportation and Oklahoma.


A Jan 2009 report by the Insurance Research Council ranks Oklahoma as the 4th highest number of uninsured motorists..[1].


Oklahoma had 2,348,449 licensed drivers in 2003. This ranks Oklahoma 29th in the number of licensed drivers.[2].


Oklahoma has 596.7 miles of toll roads, making it 2nd in the states in the miles of toll roads.[3].

Oklahoma has a combined International Roughness Index and Present Serviceability Rating of 11,008. This makes Oklahoma 9th in terms of roads in fair condition[4]. Oklahoma is ranked 2nd in the number of poor roads [5]

Auto AccidentsEdit

Oklahoma is ranked 43rd in the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians, with 5.4% of all accidents in 2004 involving pedestrians[6].

Oklahoma ranked 9th in the nation in auto fatalities in which restraints weren't used (64% of all auto fatalities)[7].

Oklahoma ranked 6th in 2004 in the number of fatalities involving large trucks (11.2% of all auto fatalities)[8].

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